What is Provoke?


Mission: To create Dayton into a community of faith based leaders who grow together, connect with others and mentor those around them.

Strategy:  To create environments that encourage and equip leaders to grow a better community with integrity, character and vision.


We Believe

In Inspiration

We believe leaders are inspired by being provoked to think differently, stretched and challenged to grow. A leader has a strong encouraging vision for the future and inspires others to follow.

In Comforting

We believe vulnerability is key to awaken the mind and the heart. We desire to create a place where leaders can honestly share their life experience and how it impacted their world and the life of those they lead.

In Resourcing

We believe in resourcing, coaching, teaching and mentoring leaders to strongly impact those they lead, follow and grow. Leaders are not just born they are forged. Great leaders can be cultivated to meet and exceed expectations of the community, its people and each other.